Product Spotlight on SPEEDFLEX Top Track Gasket (TTG) for construction joints

In sub-freezing temperatures, caulk sometimes becomes very difficult to work with. So the innovators back at the STI lab came up with the coolest product for construction joints at the head or bottom of the wall, no matter the weather, but especially great for these cold temps.

Start saving on labor while eliminating bad caulk jobs forever:

Laborers/applicators don’t always understand the importance of life-safety and code-compliant head-of-wall firestop applications. Because of this, you get caulk jobs like what you see below. Your men are going to have to go back and fix situations like this… and that will cost you money!

HWD bad 1

Say goodbye to caulk… just shoot it and walk!


SpeedFlex – Top Track Gasket (TTG) an intumescent cover for the ceiling track providing Fire, Smoke, and Acoustical ratings for head-of-wall joints between gypsum walls and concrete floor slabs. TTG is compatible with all ceiling track and provides an economical method of providing the required seal in rated and non-rated wall construction.

• No caulk, no hassle, one-step solution. Improves productivity. Controls cost.
• Fits all common track sizes. Lightweight, easy to handle rolls.
• Eliminates estimating and installation guesswork. Inspect at any time.
• Simple peel, stick, and shoot installation. Water resistant, no shelf life.
• Up to 100% Movement.

TTG can be purchased at any of our fine distributors… CONSTRUCTION DISTRIBUTORS


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