Spotlight on Access STI


STI is excited to announce the launch of Access STI.

This integrated web service will give registered users DIRECT ACCESS to STI Firestop information & services all in one place, at the click of a button.

As a registered user, this means one login for all of your job submittals and engineering judgements (EJ’S). You will also be able to upload documents, plans, specs, pictures, etc straight to our Technical Resources Assistance Manager (TRAM), again giving you DIRECT ACCESS to our web-based technical service system & our technical team with over 250 years experience… simply, easily starting the engineering process.

Please try it out for yourself…

… or just message me for a demo andAAEAAQAAAAAAAAhlAAAAJDIxNDFhY2RiLWFhMTEtNGE0Yi04MjU2LWFmZmRkYmJlYWYyZA to be entered for a chance to win a YETI cooler.

Stay cool!

John Zalepka

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They say change is inevitable…

…especially when it comes to technology upgrades & equipment enhancements to your network. Continuous cable changes can turn your fire & smoke barriers into Swiss cheese, and running cables through traditional firestop sleeves is not easy.

EZ path applications

So, what is easy? EZ-Path!

EZ-Path is the only firestop device where you can pull cables through multiple fire-rate barriers at the same time.

Check out this short video to see how STI changed the game again… EZ-Path.

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Spotlight on profits

Head-of-Wall-TTGDoes caulking construction joints suck profits from your bottom line? 

Have you ever said to yourself… there has simply got to be a better way?

TTG is a patented thin profile intumescent cover for gypsum wall framing for tracks, runners and studs that is designed to provide fire, smoke and acoustical ratings for head of wall joints, wall to wall joints and bottom of wall joints between gypsum walls and concrete.
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Spotlight on Maintenance Free

slider_img1STI is pleased to announce that an Evaluation Service Report (ESR) was recently issued by UL for our EZ-Path® Fire-Rated Pathways confirming code compliance with the International Building Code® (IBC), International Fire Code® (IFC), and NFPA 101, “Life Safety Code®” (LSC). The report goes on to confirm that, when properly installed, the device does not require regular maintenance… here is a copy of that report R14579-20160520-Report-Evaluation.

EZ-Path® Rated Pathways are exempt from ongoing maintenance requirements. Because EZ-Path® has no moving parts and requires no action to activate the internal sealing mechanism, it is compliant right out of the box. By contrast, competing devices and traditional sleeves do require ongoing maintenance.

Other than on price, our competitor has been unable to compete against EZ-Path with any meaningful features or benefits, so they have created a smokescreen (pun intended) of propaganda to discredit EZ-Path on YouTube, in jobsite trailers and everywhere they can.

We have taken this threat very seriously and will strike back at their greatest weakness; unlike EZ-Path, the competitor’s Sleeve is NOT “Maintenance Free.”  No other pathway is.

Did you know that you are required, by Code (IFC & NFPA 101 Mandates), to annually inspect and maintain firestop systems?

EZ Path Why Use Anything Else!

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Spotlight on Family & Teamwork

IMG_0759On Thursday, April 28, 2016, millions of workplaces, employees, parents and children celebrated the 23rd year anniversary of the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day program which encourages girls and boys across the country to dream without gender limitations and to think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives. This national, public education program connects what children learn at school with the actual working world. Children learn that a family-friendly work environment is an employer and family issue and not just a woman’s issue. Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work helps girls and boys across the nation discover the power and possibilities associated with a balanced work and family life (source).


It was the Thursday before Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day, but I had no idea at the time when I picked up a call from my colleague, Mark Izsa who found that he had double-booked himself for the following week was asking if I could cover a presentation/training for him. I apologized and explained that my wife, Courtney would be out of town that day and so I would have to get the kids on the bus… there was simply no way I could get to Queens by 8am.

Later that night at home, I kept going through my mind how I could somehow cover for Mark and still get the kids off to school… when right at that moment my daughter Jacy asked, “Daddy can you take me and Jaxon to work next Thursday?” I replied, “Yes darling, I believe I can.”

I called Mark who loved the idea, but we would first need to check with Amanda at Grainger, who would need to checIMG_0737k with Ernie at St. Albans VA Hospital. Everything checked out and the kids were pumped!

I explained to my daughter and son that this is work and that they were going to have to sit through a 3-hour Firestop Instructional Training (FIT Level 1) course and that there was going to be a test at the end, no kidding.

The following Thursday morning we all woke at the crack of dawn, got dressIMG_1839ed, had a bite to eat and reviewed our PowerPoint. We stopped off at Dunkin Donuts for some treats because David Augello taught me to never show up empty handed. We arrived at the facility, set up our samples and the show was on.

Honestly, the time flew by and I’m not sure who had more fun, me or the kids (see picture😉. Either way, it was awesome to be able to show them a small part of what Daddy does… and of course spending some extra time with loved ones is an added bonus. However, to be able to do that while at the same time helping out a co-worker in need was absolutely priceless.

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BIM & Firestop Integration


Introducing a powerful new plugin for AutoDesk Revit®. The FCM (Firestop Clash Management) plugin uses clash detection to find locations where penetrants and/or joints meet fire-rated barriers and automatically selects the appropriate firestop systems. It removes the complexity of designing firestop systems and ensures that when it comes time for construction, the systems selected provide the fastest installation and best installed cost. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

STI now offers a complete BIM (Building Information Modeling) solution which includes smart BIM objects for our entire product line and the new Firestop Clash Management (FCM) Plugin. The smart BIM objects are individual objects that can be input into a Revit model that represent our products digitally. The objects include devices, collars, and sealants that automatically adapt to the conditions of the model.

Information for all of STI’s BIM offerings can be found on the BIM Resources page (

More in-depth features, including a download link to the installer and an instructional video on using the plugin, can be found on the FCM page (

Shout outs to: David Samuel, Justin Pine, John Graper, Corey Chess, and Jason Nappi for making this all happen.

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Spotlight on Perimeter Fire Barrier Protection

FacadesTableTop2 (2)

I was fortunate enough to receive additional training at STI HQ recently on perimeter fire barrier protection (a/k/a curtainwall firestopping) from Eric Lacroix, our Director of Strategic Accounts and resident Curtain Wall Specialist, a/k/a GURU!

Eric hit on EVERYTHING that STI does well when it comes to protecting the perimeter…

Did you know? We own over 57% of the UL Certified CW Firestop Systems, including the ONLY UL Certfied Backpan Design. • Multiple Approved Connection Methods • Multiple Insulation Types and Brands • Spandrel Types; Glass and Aluminum, Stone and Composite Panels • Optional Shadow Box Designs • Lowest Sill and Spandrel Heights
• Documented L Ratings • Penetrations in the Safing Slot, for allowing Conduit for Lighting and accommodates radiator pipes • Coverage for Tubular Walls and I Mull Aluminum Framed Walls, Steel Stud/EIFS Designs, Insulated Panels and Non-Insulated Precast Panels • Anchor Connection Protection


STI Firestop is dedicated to providing our clients and partners with the industry’s most
advanced cost effective solutions for perimeter fire barrier systems. Whether you
are a curtain wall consultant or glazing contractor, STI helps get the job done right
the first time. We offer the products, training and support throughout all phases
of the project to eliminate delays, ensure compliance, and help guarantee a
successful outcome. Once again with a focus on providing solutions… not just selling you more product.


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