Spotlight on Fire Protection for Underslab Curtain Wall Anchors

Curtain wall connections or anchor points located beneath the floor slab can be subjected to direct fire exposure that can compromise their integrity. The UL Guide Information for Category XHDG, Perimeter Fire-Containment Systems has included general specifications for the protection of exposed curtain wall anchor points. Due to the lack of specific test data, the protection recommendations were somewhat vague leaving interpretation to
project decision makers and/or local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ)…until now.

A whole new XHDI category has been created by UL® to more clearly define what constitutes an acceptable level of anchor protection. In turn, STI Firestop has developed an entirely new category of accessories for use in perimeter fire-containment systems to protect underslab anchors. The creation of CP1OO represents another industry first and is now the Only UL® Certified System for protecting underslab curtain wall connections.


  • Eliminates Jobsite Application Variables
  • Provides Measurable Anchor Protection
  • Simplifies Passing Inspections
  • Helps Ensure Code Compliance
  • Installs in Minutes with Concrete Fasteners
  • Works with Multiple Anchor Designs
  • Encapsulates Framing Connections
  • Offers Superior Heat Resistance
  • Its patented design withstands 2 hours of fire exposure without breaking down, protecting and insulating the aluminum anchor to maintain the integrity of the connection.

The Only UL® Certified System for Protecting Underslab Curtain Wall Connections

CP1OO delivers visual protection with compliance you can see, taking the guesswork out of application and inspection. Eliminate headaches, delays and uncertainty from improperly installed firestop materials. Ensure measurable performance and a predictable outcome with the failsafe installation of the only UL® Certified system for protecting underslab anchors.


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