Spotlight on Fire Protection for Underslab Curtain Wall Anchors

Curtain wall connections or anchor points located beneath the floor slab can be subjected to direct fire exposure that can compromise their integrity. The UL Guide Information for Category XHDG, Perimeter Fire-Containment Systems has included general specifications for the protection of exposed curtain wall anchor points. Due to the lack of specific test data, the protection recommendations were somewhat vague leaving interpretation to
project decision makers and/or local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ)…until now.

A whole new XHDI category has been created by UL® to more clearly define what constitutes an acceptable level of anchor protection. In turn, STI Firestop has developed an entirely new category of accessories for use in perimeter fire-containment systems to protect underslab anchors. The creation of CP1OO represents another industry first and is now the Only UL® Certified System for protecting underslab curtain wall connections.


  • Eliminates Jobsite Application Variables
  • Provides Measurable Anchor Protection
  • Simplifies Passing Inspections
  • Helps Ensure Code Compliance
  • Installs in Minutes with Concrete Fasteners
  • Works with Multiple Anchor Designs
  • Encapsulates Framing Connections
  • Offers Superior Heat Resistance
  • Its patented design withstands 2 hours of fire exposure without breaking down, protecting and insulating the aluminum anchor to maintain the integrity of the connection.

The Only UL® Certified System for Protecting Underslab Curtain Wall Connections

CP1OO delivers visual protection with compliance you can see, taking the guesswork out of application and inspection. Eliminate headaches, delays and uncertainty from improperly installed firestop materials. Ensure measurable performance and a predictable outcome with the failsafe installation of the only UL® Certified system for protecting underslab anchors.

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Spotlight on Made in the USA

No matter what your political views are, we can all agree that today, January 20, 2017 (#DayOne) we get a new President, and with him comes an increased focus on Made in the USA. grungeflag_madeinusa

At STI Firestop, we take Made in the USA very seriously.  Not only are all of our products manufactured in the United States, they are manufactured out of materials also manufactured in the USA.

It doesn’t get more Made in the USA than that.

When you get asked for Made in the USA, you can trust that our products are actually manufactured in the USA. Don’t settle for “assembled in” or “packaged in” when you can have MANUFACTURED IN the USA.

Please give us a call to discuss any upcoming projects you have that you could use help with the firestopping… because FIRESTOP is all we do.  You have enough problems on the job… with STI, FIRESTOP is no longer one of them!

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At STI Firestop, we are always looking for ways to better communicate with you, our firestop customers and provide you with the best experience possible.

As if Access STI and our new submittal builder wasn’t enough… we’ve done it again… we now have a LIVE CHAT feature available on our website.

LIVE CHAT is available on every page of our website and will give you the ability to interact directly with our engineers to resolve your technical questions quickly.

Our technology is completely mobile optimized, giving you the ability to ask questions while in the field on any mobile device. You can upload documents or photos straight from your phone or tablet to our engineers, getting you an answer while you’re still in the field, minimizing “come backs”.

So GO LIVE with STI now… click here with your most urgent firestop questions… LIVE CHAT is at the bottom right in the (EZ-Path) orange box.

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Spotlight on Beating the Clock

By Douglas S. Erickson, FASHE, CHFM and James P. Stahl Jr., CFPS, CDT

Effective August 1, 2016, The Joint Commission changed the Statement of Conditions® (SOC) process related to Life Safety (LS) requirements. Previously, deficiencies discovered during mock surveys or scheduled inspections could be added to a Plan for Improvement (PFI) and corrected in an organized approach . With the new SOC requirements, this is no longer the case, as the new SOC process requires any LS deficiency to be addressed by corrective action within 60 days of it being cited on a TJC or CMS survey.

According to presentations by TJC, one of the top 20 most commonly cited deficiencies relates to unsealed or improperly sealed “fire barrier penetrations” (LS.02.01.10, EP9). With the massive amount of data and communication cabling being installed to support ever-growing technology needs of a modern healthcare facility, low voltage cable penetrations are one of the most single common culprits in mez-path-complete-solution1aintaining barriers. To accommodate new technologies, openings in barriers are created to run new services or new cable is added to existing sleeves or pass-through devices. As we all know, cable penetrations are being made daily and are typically not sealed in accordance with UL requirements. A recent study performed by Global Fire Protection, a third-party inspection firm with extensive inspection experience within healthcare organizations, confirmed that frequently these conditions are found unsealed when standard sleeves or non-self-sealing pass-through devices are used. They went on to confirm that their study indicated that self-sealing devices such as EZ-Path remain compliant because no further intervention is required after installation.

To eliminate getting cited, self-sealing fire-rated pathways, such as STI’s EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathway, are the logical solution. They are maintenance-free, since they do not require an action to activate the sealing function, and that means they are always sealed for fire and smoke 100% of the time. With the changes enacted by CMS and TJC as it relates to the SOC, healthcare organizations should be taking a proactive approach on how penetrations through smoke and fire barriers are being addressed. Selecting the wrong type of system that requires a manual manipulation of the device and thereby leaves the pass-through device non-compliant can trigger maintenance projects that have to be addressed in a much more immediate fashion then in the past.

An Evaluation Report recently issued by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), the global leader in testing and certification of fire protection products and systems, confirmed that EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathways are maintenance-free and proven to comply with all the requirements imposed by the NFPA 101, “Life Safety Code” (LSC) as they relate to firestopping and smoke sealing in fire and smoke barrier construction. Thus, a healthcare organization that standardizes with products like EZ-Path will avoid the possibility of fire and smoke barrier deficiencies and the running clock forcing them to perform corrective action within 60 days.

Doug is STI’s Senior Advisor for Healthcare. James is STI’s Vice President of Engineering. Specified Technologies Inc. is the leading manufacturer of firestopping products and systems for the built environment. Visit to learn more about these and other exciting STI products.

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Spotlight on membrane penetrations

A couple of weeks ago, I received the following email…

“Please review the inspectors deficiency report and provide us an Engineering Judgment similar to what you sent me just for a 1″ insulated copper pipe, but it penetrates only one side of partition and then turns down inside partition wall.”

I immediately replied back with a link to STI Firestop’s UL System W-L-5327. A couple of minutes later, I followed up with a phone call and was greeted with insulated-pipe“How did you get that back from your engineering department so fast?”

I explained that, “what I sent was NOT an engineering judgement, but was in fact a tested, listed UL System for an insulated cooper pipe membrane penetration… we knew you guys would need it eventually, so we had it ready… in fact, we are the only manufacturer (as of the writing of this article) with an insulated pipe membrane system.”

In fact, UL has just published 9 new STI Firestop W-L membrane systems that include metallic pipe both insulated and uninsulated as well as combustible piping, cable bundles, steel supports, duct work and a wood stud/truss type penetration.

So, why after all this time are we testing membrane penetrations?

Being a student of the industry, I called up Jonathan Mathews, STI Firestop’s Fire Protection Engineering Manager to get some clarification. He had this to say, “Historically, membrane penetrations of vertical wall assemblies were treated as one-half of a through penetration firestop system. Some model codes even included verbiage to this effect. Recently, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) announced that their requirement would be for membrane penetrations in vertical wall assemblies to be specifically tested and listed.”

“They cited the fact that when the membrane penetration firestop system was tested for fire exposure to each side, they had concerns about whether the configuration where the gypsum board was intact on the backside of the membrane penetration would behave in the same way. While perhaps not a concern for noncombustible penetrants such as metallic pipe or conduit, it could be a concern for plastic piping. Accordingly, this has necessitated specific testing and listing of membrane penetration firestop systems.”

Jonathan went on to tell me that not only are we the only manufacturer with an insulated pipe membrane system, but we are the only manufacturer with a steel duct, 4″ plastic pipe and wood stud/truss membrane penetrations. Not to mention that the other systems we have listed have some serious competitive advantages over the competitors.

What do you know, STI Firestop, once again, has some serious competitive advantages over the competition.


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Spotlight on sealing your ceiling

Well we’ve done it again!

Check out our new NEZ33CK EZ-Path® Smoke and Acoustical Pathway with Ceiling Kit. This very cool, patented design, protects sensitive cables while allowing them to penetrate non-rated ceilings, providing a smoke and environmental seal that regulates air flow and reduces wasted energy.

The kit features a built in smoke sealing system that automatically adjusts to the amount of cables installed… this means that you can easily add or remove cables without the need to remove or reinstall caulking materials, which equals no mess plus Ceiling.jpgthe added benefit of no missed seals.

BONUS… its rated for use in plenum spaces, making it ideally suited for telecommunication rooms, data closets and server rooms to help isolate conditioned air, or segregate cables by use, type or vendor. It can be used in any cable management application requiring a smoke and environmental seal or where a professional fit and finish is preferred.

Designed to complement the maintenance free EZ-Path® Fire-Rated and Non-Rated Family of Solutions, the NEZ33CK works in tandem with its counterparts to promote best practices by providing a fully sustainable cable management system for your entire network. Together, they allow you to remotely pull cables through multiple barriers at once, reducing unnecessary trips above the drop ceiling or into concealed spaces.

For more information visit

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Spotlight on healthcare facilities

Firestop is typically installed in areas that you do not want to disrupt if you don’t have to, especially in healthcare facilities.

I was recently at a healthcare “summit” where there were different panels for discussion regarding healthcare facility concerns. There were a couple of quotes from a well know facility director that resonated with me. I have put these quotes below in bold with a little description about how we can alleviate those concerns. I thought that it was pretty cool that two of the biggest concerns for one of the largest healthcare facilities directors could be solved with one single phone call to STI Firestop… 1-800-992-1180… call us!

Quote #1: “If we can’t access the equipment, we can’t maintain it.”

STI is pleased to announce that an Evaluation Service Report (ESR) was recently issued by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for our EZ-Path® Fire-Rated Pathways confirming code compliance with the International Building Code® (IBC), International Fire Code® (IFC), and NFPA 101, “Life Safety Code®” (LSC).

This ESR confirms compliance with all referenced firestopping requirements in the IBC, IFC, and LSC. Additionally, the ESR evaluates the use of EZ-Path® in smoke barriers and smoke partitions and provides confirmation that the products fully comply with applicable code requirements relating to smoke leakage. Finally, the ESR evaluates the maintenance-free nature of EZ-Path® and provides written confirmation of it.proven-esr-header

No other firestop product can make this claim. Because EZ-Path® is the only maintenance-free solution on the market, we suggest that contractors or building owners consider the total cost of ownership of any firestop device over the life of the building before making a purchasing decision.

Why use anything else?

Quote #2: “What’s behind your walls is as important as what’s in front of them.”

Additionally, STI’s Barrier Management Program (BMP)provides operational practices and training that help restore integrity in existing buildings and insure continuous integrity in new facilities. More than a plan for improvement, a barrier management program allows facilities to proactively take control of barriers, insuring on-going barrier integrity and reducing Joint Commission violations.

Every minute of everyday your barrier management records are accurate and up to date with STI’s eBMP program and the information is easily accessible. From job status and system information, to who the installer was, eBMP allows for an unlimited number of user defined queries to generate and print various reports for compliance.

What’s behind your walls?

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