Spotlight on sealing your ceiling

Well we’ve done it again!

Check out our new NEZ33CK EZ-Path® Smoke and Acoustical Pathway with Ceiling Kit. This very cool, patented design, protects sensitive cables while allowing them to penetrate non-rated ceilings, providing a smoke and environmental seal that regulates air flow and reduces wasted energy.

The kit features a built in smoke sealing system that automatically adjusts to the amount of cables installed… this means that you can easily add or remove cables without the need to remove or reinstall caulking materials, which equals no mess plus Ceiling.jpgthe added benefit of no missed seals.

BONUS… its rated for use in plenum spaces, making it ideally suited for telecommunication rooms, data closets and server rooms to help isolate conditioned air, or segregate cables by use, type or vendor. It can be used in any cable management application requiring a smoke and environmental seal or where a professional fit and finish is preferred.

Designed to complement the maintenance free EZ-Path® Fire-Rated and Non-Rated Family of Solutions, the NEZ33CK works in tandem with its counterparts to promote best practices by providing a fully sustainable cable management system for your entire network. Together, they allow you to remotely pull cables through multiple barriers at once, reducing unnecessary trips above the drop ceiling or into concealed spaces.

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