Spotlight on healthcare facilities

Firestop is typically installed in areas that you do not want to disrupt if you don’t have to, especially in healthcare facilities.

I was recently at a healthcare “summit” where there were different panels for discussion regarding healthcare facility concerns. There were a couple of quotes from a well know facility director that resonated with me. I have put these quotes below in bold with a little description about how we can alleviate those concerns. I thought that it was pretty cool that two of the biggest concerns for one of the largest healthcare facilities directors could be solved with one single phone call to STI Firestop… 1-800-992-1180… call us!

Quote #1: “If we can’t access the equipment, we can’t maintain it.”

STI is pleased to announce that an Evaluation Service Report (ESR) was recently issued by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for our EZ-Path® Fire-Rated Pathways confirming code compliance with the International Building Code® (IBC), International Fire Code® (IFC), and NFPA 101, “Life Safety Code®” (LSC).

This ESR confirms compliance with all referenced firestopping requirements in the IBC, IFC, and LSC. Additionally, the ESR evaluates the use of EZ-Path® in smoke barriers and smoke partitions and provides confirmation that the products fully comply with applicable code requirements relating to smoke leakage. Finally, the ESR evaluates the maintenance-free nature of EZ-Path® and provides written confirmation of it.proven-esr-header

No other firestop product can make this claim. Because EZ-Path® is the only maintenance-free solution on the market, we suggest that contractors or building owners consider the total cost of ownership of any firestop device over the life of the building before making a purchasing decision.

Why use anything else?

Quote #2: “What’s behind your walls is as important as what’s in front of them.”

Additionally, STI’s Barrier Management Program (BMP)provides operational practices and training that help restore integrity in existing buildings and insure continuous integrity in new facilities. More than a plan for improvement, a barrier management program allows facilities to proactively take control of barriers, insuring on-going barrier integrity and reducing Joint Commission violations.

Every minute of everyday your barrier management records are accurate and up to date with STI’s eBMP program and the information is easily accessible. From job status and system information, to who the installer was, eBMP allows for an unlimited number of user defined queries to generate and print various reports for compliance.

What’s behind your walls?


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