Spotlight on professional firestop installers

STI FSCPlumbers, HVAC contractors, sprinkler contractors, electricians, fire alarm installers, cable installers… What do they all have in common?

In the course of their work, they will probably penetrate fire or smoke rated barriers. In virtually all cases, either the law or union requirements may mandate that they are recognized in some official fashion as the installer responsible for the area of work that they address. Thus they are typically well trained and highly focused.

Such is not the case when it comes to firestopping. No law or legally recognized union requirement ties firestopping to a particular trade. Thus it becomes a virtual free for all. Some trades consider firestopping to be beneath them. Most if required to self-perform simply take the lowest ranking helper, hand him or her a caulk gun and say “Go squirt this in the holes!”

Many times out of ignorance, the wrong products are chosen. A hardening caulk may be installed around low voltage cables that will almost certainly require subsequent changes… a water sensitive product may be installed in areas of high humidity… A joint sealant may be incorrectly installed in a through penetration system… we could go on and on with potential problems.

So, what is the solution?

STI Firestop products/systems + a professional specialty firestop contractor = PIECE/PEACE of mind.

1. A professional firestop installer will allow you to focus on what you do best (PLUMBING, ELECTRIC, MECHANICAL, SPRINKLERS, CURTAIN WALL, ETC.):
2. A professional firestop installer will generally have a better understanding of tested firestop systems;
3. A professional firestop installer will help to ensure one-source continuity and system compatibility for all firestop applications;
4. A professional firestop installer promotes hassle-free inspection by officials who know and trust professional firestop installers;
5. A professional firestop installer provides single contractor accountability for all firestop applications;
6. A professional firestop installer documents all installed firestops, depending on the agreed-to scope of work;
7. A professional firestop installer increases confidence that all firestopping is completed correctly… the first time… no come-backs.

For the past 25 years, Specified Technologies Inc. has worked closely with the construction industry to create simple solutions to complex firestopping problems. STI has been at the forefront of developing the most advanced and cost effective firestop solutions on the market, offering premium quality, superior performance, and best in class service, training and support. STI offers a comprehensive range of product categories designed to address almost any application and backs them with over 1,300 UL® Certified systems – more than any firestop company in the world.

STI is committed to supporting our customers by providing sustainable firestop solutions, management programs for firestop, treating them like partners, and by consistently adding value beyond the sale. You can depend on STI to deliver knowledgeable advice, premium quality products, and the total firestop solution.

STI Firestop has worked with and trained many quality, credible and professional Specialty Firestop Contractors over the past 26 years… Email me today for a recommendation based on your project or scope of work, we can help!

John Zalepka


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