Spotlight on Location – The Burn / 014

Bang, getting started early… 5:55 AM Grover Cleveland rest area New Jersey Turnpike with STI Firestop, multi media specialist, Jason Nappi…

The Burn Cover Daily

We’re getting started early, creeping while Hilti is sleeping!!!

Jobsite Jhonny on location, 111 Murray St. with our good friends from ICI TruTeam…

In this episode we’re going to see a curtainwall firestop demonstration with proper mineral wool orientation & compression, spray machine cleaning tip, and of course… Starring… FastTack All-Weather Spray…

Shout out to:

Permasteelisa for all of this beautiful glass on this project…

ICI for all your firestopping needs…

STI for all of your firestopping…

And a special shout out & thank you to Brian Ortiz and his whole team for allowing us get some footage on location.

I know Eastman Cooke cares about safety we’re here to present during #SafetyWeek …

STI firestop is a New Jersey-based firestop company. All of our products are Made in the USA, locally, which means that on LEED projects, in the NYC metropolitan area you receive additional credit just for partnering with STI Firestop.

One more shout out & special thanks to Gabe Colon from Inline Distributing for setting the #SafetyWeek training up… they are a large stocking distributor of the entire STI Firestop product line…

At STI, firestop is all we do… we don’t make tools… and we don’t make sticky notes…

The Post Burn:

The word of the day is location, location, location. It’s been said that location, location, location are the three most important factors in business. However, sometimes location is not a physical place, it’s the mental mind-share of your client or prospect. THINK about your best customer right now… you need to continually work on that relationship… because never forget, your BEST customer is your competition’s BEST prospect.

Thank you to Eastman Cooke for allowing us the opportunity to present on site to the different trades and subcontractors. We made some new friends and we hope to work with you in the future.

Final word:

Don’t get discouraged when you lose to the competition, it’s going to happen… instead… Learn from them. Piggyback what they’ve already learned, such as a great location, a lot of the research and legwork may be right in front of your face… you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!


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