Spotlight on Engineering

Rainy Friday addition of The Burn… we have to get on the road and go help our good friend Richie Jenkins from JLE with an engineering judgment…  we’re on our way buddy!

OK… we’re at on location again, in the rain, with Richie Jenkins going to have more coming later going to fix some stuff right now because that’s what we do firestop, firestop!

After an in-depth review of the current conditions, we found that we are going to need some additional engineering judgments that we were able to do on over lunch. I love when I’m able to get my paperwork done on the road, on the fly. And because we did, we were able to get the details back BEFORE the end of the day.

Then we headed down to corporate HQ to pick up some samples of our re-engineered top track gasket that Steve Moore in customer service prepared for us…

STI Firestop’s warehouse crew is the best in the business… shout out to Barry DeWitte, Kenny Weeks and everybody else that makes things happen on a day-to-day basis, getting orders ready for our customers to pick up and ship worldwide… after all, STI Firestop is a true global company.

The Post Burn:

It took me a little while to come up with the word of the day, but I figured it out… engineering, that’s right ENGINEERING. When I thought back to yesterday, I started to think about what we really did yesterday. We hooked up with Richie Jenkins, a specialty firestop contractor (thanks again for being such a good sport there), but that’s why it’s so important to get a specialty contractor involved, someone who understands UL systems and the engineering judgment process… someone experienced in engineering firestop solutions.  So a shout out to Richie for getting us out there, even on a rainy Friday afternoon no less so… And by the way as of this taping and because of the time zone difference in Tulsa, Oklahoma… our engineering team out there was able to deliver the engineering details in less than six hours. So a special shout out to our Tulsa team (Jonathan Matthews, CFPS; Gary Mason, CFPS; Clay Hensley, CFPS; and Joe Potts, CFPS)… combined with our New Jersey team, we have the best EJ turnaround time in the industry.

Thanks again to Kenny Weeks for always liking my stuff on LinkedIn, for three weeks straight now… shout out to him, I’m glad we got him in the video. And of course Barry and his warehouse / shipping / receiving team engineering global shipping solutions… because we’re a worldwide company, what do you know… STI, check us out, firestop is all we do!


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