At STI Firestop, we are always looking for ways to better communicate with you, our firestop customers and provide you with the best experience possible.

As if Access STI and our new submittal builder wasn’t enough… we’ve done it again… we now have a LIVE CHAT feature available on our website.

LIVE CHAT is available on every page of our website and will give you the ability to interact directly with our engineers to resolve your technical questions quickly.

Our technology is completely mobile optimized, giving you the ability to ask questions while in the field on any mobile device. You can upload documents or photos straight from your phone or tablet to our engineers, getting you an answer while you’re still in the field, minimizing “come backs”.

So GO LIVE with STI now… click here with your most urgent firestop questions… LIVE CHAT is at the bottom right in the (EZ-Path) orange box.


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