Spotlight on Groundhog Day

Ever since I first saw the movie Groundhog Day in 1993, any unpleasant situation that seems to repeat itself makes me think of this movie. If you are unfamiliar, Phil Connors, an Groundhog-Day-T-Shirtarrogant Pittsburgh TV weatherman (played by Bill Murray) finds himself in a time loop during an assignment covering the annual Groundhog Day event in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, repeating the same day again and again. Every day, he wakes up only to find that he experiences basically the same thing as every day before.… you know kind of like the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl, AGAIN I mean it almost feels like they are cheating or something.

Being that today is February 2nd, it got me thinking about this concept along with a recent conversation that I had with a contractor about his unpleasant experiences with a competitive firestop manufacturer over the years. He explained that it seems like the same problems keep repeating themselves on his projects over and over again. We diEinsteinscussed Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, had a good laugh about it and agreed that it was time to try something new… STI Firestop!

Sound familiar? When it comes to firestopping on your projects, are you another Phil Connors – trapped doing the same thing day after day, project after project, but not really making any progress? Do you find yourself repeating experiences time and again – with inspectors, with subcontractors, with suppliers – while things never seems to get much better?

Well then, now it’s time for you to see the (firestop spot) light… Here are just a few ways that STI can add value to your next project:

  • Firestop Specification Review: We will help you identify whose responsibility is whose by reviewing (or if you are an architect, helping you to update) specification sections 078413 and 078443.
  • Submittal Paperwork: Trying to figure out which system goes with which application can be time consuming. Get me involved and I will do this for you, always giving you the GAAS (Guaranteed Architect Approved Submittal) you need for each and every project .
  • Training, training, training: We provide all types of complimentary training; for architects, for engineers, for general contractors, and especially for subcontractors, specific to their applications. Proper firestop certification training, jobsite walk-throughs and product mock-ups are just some of the ways that we will help you make sure that the proper product is applied the proper way for the sake of life safety and code compliance.

So don’t feel Gilti… break those old firestopping habits. The same thing that helped Phil Connors finally break his time loop (a dedication to improving himself) can help you with the firestopping plan on your next project… otherwise you may very well go insane.


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