Spotlight on another “good spray tip”

RSG Caulking is a great partner of STI Firestop, particularly here in the NYC Metropolitan area. They specialize in smoke seal, firesafing, fire rated sealant, mullion wrap, and thermal insulation; and they have completed projects such as the Hearst Tower, 200 Chambers St., The United Nations Federal Credit Union Building, The Atelier Building, and Memorial Sloan & Kettering Cancer Hospital… just to name a few.

I ran into Jamal from RSG Caulking IMG_0622last week at another project where STI Firestop has been favored with the business. He told me that not only is a proper mineral wool installation important, but so is the tip you use.

Check out this video where this “good spray tip” is literally a good spray tip.

Shown in the video is a Titan Impact 840 High Rider Airless Sprayer and a .023 tip made for Heavy Latex Paint & Smooth Elastomeric products. No mineral wool was harmed in the filming of this video.


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