Spotlight on “Standardize with STI”

When you standardize with STI, you will reap the benefits by exclusively using STI products on all of your projects.

Compatibility issues with caulks, sealants, & sprays exist between durst-57th-street-pyramiddifferent manufacturers that compromise performance because of the various chemical compounds used. Using products from multiple suppliers within the same opening can void the UL® Certified Systems, jeopardizing compliance and placing liability squarely on the owner, facility or contractor. Risk of mixing products can be mitigated by standardization and liability exposure is further reduced with products designed, tested and approved for the specific applications.

STI can support the entire project, from the design phase through construction and fit out. We help simplify the process with barrier management programs and expert advice to optimize efficiency and help lower your costs. Our eBMP® & cBMP® programs encourage building owners and facility directors to standardize by exclusively using STI products for a number of reasons.

Here is a link to some other benefits as to why you should Standardize with STI.

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