Spotlight on Solutions: Composite Sheet

If there were one thing (and there were many) that Mark Nunn tIMG_3251aught me, it is to sell solutions, not products. One of our last jobs together was at one of the new NYC Sanitation buildings.

It was toward the end of the job and we had to close up a handful of round duct penetrations, but there were a lot of ancillary things going on around it (as you can see from the before pictures below). A pillow or LCI intumescent sealant solution would not work, as the client did not want any product that could be removed or accidentally stepped on or poked into because “these are garbage men after all” is what we were told. Mortar was out as the ceilings were 40+ feet, that left only one solution… Composite Sheet.

But how could we make it work?

Nunn had a vision… He began to sketch up the solution and a couple of EJ’s later, our problem was solved (see after pictures below).

Now the fine men & women of the NYC Sanitation department can feel safe in their new home.

Comp Sheet Tristan NYC Sanitation

SpecSeal® Composite Sheet is a lightweight, rigid fire resistant panel consisting of an intumescent layer bonded to a galvanized steel sheet reinforced with steel wire mesh covered with aluminum foil. SpecSeal Composite Sheet is designed to seal medium to large size openings with a variety of different penetrants in both fire resistance rated floors and walls.

For more information, product data sheets and UL Certified Systems using Composite Sheet, please visit our website



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