Spotlight on Perimeter Fire Barrier Protection

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I was fortunate enough to receive additional training at STI HQ recently on perimeter fire barrier protection (a/k/a curtainwall firestopping) from Eric Lacroix, our Director of Strategic Accounts and resident Curtain Wall Specialist, a/k/a GURU!

Eric hit on EVERYTHING that STI does well when it comes to protecting the perimeter…

Did you know? We own over 57% of the UL Certified CW Firestop Systems, including the ONLY UL Certfied Backpan Design. • Multiple Approved Connection Methods • Multiple Insulation Types and Brands • Spandrel Types; Glass and Aluminum, Stone and Composite Panels • Optional Shadow Box Designs • Lowest Sill and Spandrel Heights
• Documented L Ratings • Penetrations in the Safing Slot, for allowing Conduit for Lighting and accommodates radiator pipes • Coverage for Tubular Walls and I Mull Aluminum Framed Walls, Steel Stud/EIFS Designs, Insulated Panels and Non-Insulated Precast Panels • Anchor Connection Protection


STI Firestop is dedicated to providing our clients and partners with the industry’s most
advanced cost effective solutions for perimeter fire barrier systems. Whether you
are a curtain wall consultant or glazing contractor, STI helps get the job done right
the first time. We offer the products, training and support throughout all phases
of the project to eliminate delays, ensure compliance, and help guarantee a
successful outcome. Once again with a focus on providing solutions… not just selling you more product.



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