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Product spotlight on FastTack All-Weather Firestop Spray

SpecSeal® FastTack® Firestop Spray dries rapidly and cures in the presence of atmospheric moisture to form a durable, flexible, water-resistant shield against the propagation of fire, smoke and combustion byproducts. Check out this video highlighting one of the key benefits…. As you … Continue reading


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Product Spotlight on Self Leveling Silicone Firestop Sealant

Check out this video that Mark Nunn and I made (I will admit, it needs some editing… for a quick reference check out 1:25 and 2:45) installing UL System CAJ8022 using STI’s SpecSeal Self Leveling SIL Silicone Firestop Sealant. STI’s self-leveling product is … Continue reading

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